Acrobat Management Inc. is a well-organized Consulting and Management Company able to combine a unique blend of formal technical and hands-on services in the Construction and Facilities Management industry since 2004.

Acrobat Management Inc. currently serves multiple customers across Canada. Our team derives from technicians, to coordinators, to project managers and consultants. We currently have a pool of over 400 sub trades across Canada that have been carefully selected and evaluated, creating a stronger and more efficient team.

Our services are known for being cost efficient and practical for all of our clients. We have been quite successful in tailoring to our client’s needs, whether it’s a full package or partial services, we have always surpassed our clients expectations.

When given the opportunity, we at Acrobat Management Inc find methods to continue to better service your establishment. If successfully accomplished, our shared strategy can yield many different benefits.

Continually taking into account the strengths and expertise of our company, we always see additional opportunities and regularly exercise them to achieve the needs and goals set by your company:

– Cost Savings and benefits on general maintenance and/or special project
– Expert Consulting to execute specific projects
– Acrobat’s vast knowledge of coordinating and managing projects